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What is/was Showing Up, Speaking Out?

July 3, 2011


Showing Up, Speaking Out was a one-time project made possible thanks to a partnership between Art City, Urban Shaman Gallery, aceartinc. and me, Milena Placentile, an independent curator based in Winnipeg. SUSO was created from a desire to connect audiences and artists throughout the city using an open-format structure that encouraged direct involvement in the co-creation of thoughtful artistic actions about community life presented in public spaces. The project came to life over the course of four weeks (September 1 – October 5, 2010), and involved two local, one national, and two international artists.

aceartinc. was one of three sites involved as a staging ground where participants collaborated to determine projects, make props, and plan delivery in various types of public space through a collective decision-making process. The second, Art City, was an after school production site for its primary participants, children and youth, and the third, Video Pool Media Arts Centre, served as the site for the majority of sessions on accessibility, given its more physically accessible location. aceartinc. simultaneously provided space to exhibit ephemera related to the actions, including used props, photographs, digital video, messages to other participants, and so forth; it was also a destination for discussing the potential impact of the actions, and reflecting on experiences following participation.

The interventions devised in partnership between artists and community members sought to be interdisciplinary in nature, and planning took place to facilitate performance—but also painting, drawing, printmaking, digital projection, textile work, and audio, among other media. These activities were all supplemented by a blog and other social media interfaces, each of which sought to encourage discussion while also sharing news about actions and welcoming future participation.

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