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Curatorial statement

July 3, 2011

Hello everyone!

Many months have passed since Showing Up, Speaking Out (SUSO) drew to a close. The experience was both positive and challenging in many ways, and I remain truly grateful to everyone who participated. These include the community members who collaborated, the artists who shared ideas and enthusiasm, the community service groups that circulated information within their networks, and the partners and funders that so generously provided the space and resources necessary to bring the project to life on such a large scale. Thank you!

I’ve had an opportunity to to reflect on the project, and though everything happened so long ago, it still feels like it’s growing and changing. Indeed, just as I had hoped, SUSO developed a life of its own and ebbed and flowed in many unexpected directions. Most exciting is the way in which some projects continue to resonate within the city, but I’ll get to that a little later.

Instead of writing a conventional curatorial statement—a dense essay packed with theoretical context and allusions to other relevant practices in curating and community arts—I’d like to offer something a little more pragmatic in the form of a report to community members that might be described as an experiential summary. This report, or summary, will be divided into several sections as follows:

Please click on any of the above links to read the corresponding section on this blog. Or, if you prefer to read this document as a .pdf, please click here.

Thank you for taking the time to visit this website, which is the final form of documentation for this project. Information and ideas relevant to the project that are not necessarily directly related may still be posted going forward. And, of course, your comments, questions, and ideas are always welcome at any time.

All the best,
Milena Placentile, Independent Curator, Winnipeg
June 22, 2011

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