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Stop Violence Against Aboriginal Women Action Group – Day 2

October 21, 2010

On Saturday, September 18, Stop Violence Against Aboriginal Women Action Group including collaborating artist, Leah Decter reconvened with community members to carry on planning for future actions. The day unfolded like this…

The previous session was spent planning a human billboard action involving the wearing of t-shirts that each carry a message responding to violence against Aboriginal women as well as an individual letter each combining to form the statement “No More Stolen Sisters”, so it was time to move on to creating support material such as petition cards and action pledge cards, both of which would be distributed to onlookers in conjunction with the billboard action. Many, many examples of actions were collected during the previous session, so the key was to combine similar gestures and highlight a range of possibilities that individuals and groups can really do to help transform their own consciousness and shape a more educated and empathetic world around them.

We also took time to discuss the pros and cons of each of the potential action locations that had been collected as suggestions over the past few weeks. The suggestions ranged significantly from shopping malls and sports arenas to locations where violent acts are committed, and aggressors are detained. We contemplated the physical space available at each location, as well as other pragmatic concerns such as: if we stand at the side of the highway, what problems could that pose for participants and people driving, and furthermore, how does that affect the message? Once we narrowed down the type of sites where this type of action would be most effective, we discussed the nature of public versus private property and how we would deal with factors that might prevent us from delivering our action. Furthermore, we realized weather would play a role in the decision making process, so we selected a first and second choice location for each day.

It was confirmed that multiple sets of t-shirts would be produced so that the people who wore them in any of the given actions could keep them and continue wearing the messages out in the “every day world”. We learned that Paul Phillips, the person who very kindly agreed to produce the shirts, was just about ready to get started, and we confirmed the presentation and layout of the text for each one before going forward.

The next session of Stop Violence Against Aboriginal Women Action Group would take place on Saturday, September 23 with participants congregating at at aceartinc. at noon.

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