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Harvest Moon Festival – a fabulous example of “Showing Up & Speaking Out” re. community, public spaces, art, new models & social change

September 20, 2010

Katharina attended Tomas Jonsson’s session on housing and poverty on Friday, Sept 17 and raised important points about gardening/urban farming as a way to help combat poverty by generating food security, as well as empowering people to connect with land and gain ownership over public space. All cool stuff! And indeed, Harvest Moon Festival IS a very exciting, progressive example on how all these things connect, just as Katharina descibed above. We can do a lot in our smaller, urban spaces. It’s a matter of seeing good examples, and well, maybe pushing for more flexible and empathetic by-lawys, too 😉

She participated in the Harveset Moon Festival this past weekend and submitted the following report via email, and kindly agreed to it being posted on this blog…

By Katharina Stieffenhofer

9th annual Festival in Clearwater, MB – positive energy on a gorgeous day in beautiful landscape – took 2 students who are staying with us to the festival – enjoyed the fact that my son was also out there volunteering – it is such a great concept of bringing farmers & city-folk-consumers – academia & artists together – the multi-generational aspect is a further bonus – I’ve attached some photos, check out the awsome design for a city back-yard chicken coop.

Was out at my parents’ farm yesterday looking after & helping my parents, time to havest the garden…

Just found out that the EcoFocus Film Festival in Athens has scheduled a roundtable discussion after the screening of my film ( so I’m busy checking out flights etc. to attend the screening on Sunday, Sept. 26th.

regretfully …at the moment my time and focus does not allow any further contribution to “Showing Up & Speaking Out”, but I look forward to keeping in touch and further discussing Anna’s concept.

warm greetings,

… And here are a few photos Katharina submitted to accompany this blog post:

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