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August 31, 2010

Hi everyone!

Tomorrow it all begins! Inge Hoonte will start workshops with participants at Art City and I’ll be working with Collin to start installing the Showing Up, Speaking Out “staging ground” at aceartinc. After picking up a bicycle this morning to get around town more easily, Inge has been working away on “behind the scenes” aspects for her workshops, and I’ve been back and forth between meetings and errands also in preparation for the launch.

Here are some details:

Inge arrived yesterday so she, Cam from Art City, and I met at Cousin’s for dinner and to discuss further details concerning her schedule of activities. Inge had a ton of ideas during our last Skype meeting, and she had even more to share yesterday! It was so exciting. No, make that *is*. It *IS* exciting! We think the kids at Art City are going to have a blast thinking about recreation and how it affects the experience of city life.

Actually, two awesome people arrived in Winnipeg yesterday. Matt is also here now and is all ready to take on the role SUSO social media expert and all ’round facilitator! We met for lunch at Stella’s to get further acquainted and to talk about the schedule for the upcoming week. Matt shared a great idea to help circulate news related to SUSO activities, but I’ll leave it to him to share details =-)

What else? Well, aside from a great meeting with Amber-Dawn from Urban Shaman Gallery, that’s probably all there is worth reporting.  You’ll see the fantastic paint colour selected for the SUSO staging ground tomorrow 😉

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