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More inspiration/overlaps: Red Tent 2010

August 30, 2010

Red Tent 2010 is a nation-wide project in support of Bill-304, which calls for a federal housing strategy. This bill is going into its third reading in October and, if it passes, it will significantly affect the struggle to ensure all people in Canada have access to decent, safe housing.

Housing is a matter that affects all levels of community life: national, provincial and municipal. It has been included as a subject for discussion and action through Showing Up, Speaking Out because each municipality needs to identify and address regional conditions while working to involve and support local citizens.

The work being undertaken through the Red Tent campaign is inspiring on so many levels, but a reason I want to mention it here is because it is employs a distinctive visual element to draw attention to, and consolidate energy around, a discussion that needs to stay top of mind in order for change to happen. The red tent is a reminder to decision makers that people care about their fellow citizens and demand serious action ensuring the right to housing. The red tents that have started to, and will continue to, appear across the country creates something we can all point to as a visual indicator of support for the right to housing. It can not be ignored.

I don’t know a great deal about the image below, but I am very excited by it, and would love to find out more. If anyone has more information, please post details below. I found the image on the front page of Red Tent 2010’s website (, and see that it is a large gathering of people in front of the Vancouver Art Gallery, clearly rallying together to bring an end to homelessness.

I understand Red Tents are going to start appearing in Winnipeg soon. You can get involved by sponsoring a tent and placing it in a location that will spark attention in support of housing for all. Visit to find out how.

What additional actions can we Winnipeggers take to make visual the critical need for housing for all? Join with Tomas Jonsson from September 13 – 18 to start brainstorming and doing!

Find out more about Red Tent 2010 by clicking or here

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