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Moving along quite nicely!

August 7, 2010

With the launch of Showing Up, Speaking Out just a few short weeks away, I thought it would be a great idea to share news about our latest developments.

The first important piece of information, as you might have noticed, is that the complete line-up of artists has been selected. Thanks to our open call hosted in June/July, I am pleased to announce that the local collective, Stop Violence Against Aboriginal Women Action Group including artist Leah Decter, will be participating. They are eager to develop their contribution to Showing Up, Speaking Out with community members over the full duration of the project schedule, so they are actually going to begin collecting ideas, stories, feedback, input and other information as early as August 15.

Although the number of applications received through the call were relatively few, they were all very interesting, and I’m so happy to have received them. Thank you to those of you who submitted an expression of interest!

The final person to be added to the line-up is local artist, Kristin Nelson, so it now possible to share with you a preliminary schedule of activities you can expect to take place over the duration of Showing Up, Speaking Out:

  • August 15 – October 3: Stop Violence Against Aboriginal Women Action Group incl. collaborating artist Leah Decter
  • September 1 – 7: Inge Hoonte on recreation
  • September 13 – 18: Tomas Jonsson on housing and poverty
  • September 19 – Sept 23: Kristin Nelson on accessibility
  • September 27 – October 5: Deborah Kelly on diversity

A more detailed schedule including specific dates/times and activity locations is under development. You can preview this information here: Stay tuned for additional information!

In other news, Showing Up, Speaking Out now has a Facebook group, which is located right here:!/group.php?gid=148524955159044&ref=ts. If you like to use Facebook, you are welcome to join our group for up-to-the minute announcements relating to this project.

Another way to keep in touch with us is to subscribe to our info e-list. To do this, just send a message to showingupspeakingout @

Finally, our resident social media expert, Matt, will tweeting regularly. I have an idea of what he’ll name our Twitter account, but I’ll wait for it to get set up/running before announcing details 😉

What else? Oh yes! How could I forget! Our YouTube channel has also been set up. There’s nothing to see yet, but you can still stop by to subscribe: Videos will begin to appear after September 3.

Hmmmmmmm…. I think that’s everything for now.

There are definitely a ton of ways to keep in touch with us, which is great because this project is all about communication.

Join us in person to participate in developing art projects in response to social issues you care about. Or, visit us online to see what’s up and get involved in conversation virtually. All that said, I can’t help but emphasize that the “Showing Up” is definitely going to be way more interesting, engaging and fun, so if you can join us, please do!

We’re going to try to arrange our schedule as best as possible to create as many opportunities to connect as we can. We’d love to meet you, hang out, talk about life in Winnipeg, and plan great presentations in public space about the kind of city have and the kind of changes we’d love to see! Winnipeg is awesome, it’s true, but working together to make it an even more liveable city for everyone would be pretty cool =-).

Thanks for your interest in Showing Up, Speaking Out, so far!! And, see you soon =-)

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